Saturday, April 4, 2015



I'm frustrated. I had a pretty pain free month after the antibiotic. Now my hands are giving me a lot of trouble. I think I'm going to have to go back on the methotrexate. I'm not happy with this.

Don't you think happiness is a bit overrated at times?


Why are you looking at me like that?

Like what? Incredulous?

Yes, something like that. Did I say something crazy?

Well ... no ... I mean, well sort of, yeah. I'm not sure how to respond.

Why? Do you think happiness isn't overrated?

Really, this is nuts. Aren't you the creator of happiness? Shouldn't you know this?

Humor me.

I always thought the modern conception of love was overrated. Is that the same thing?


Well, you're no help.

Why do you think love is overrated?

Because people have equated it with physical processes rather than intellectual and spiritual processes. If sex is good, they must be in love, therefore, we must have sex before we can be sure we're in love. But what happens if sex fails and life happens to deliver hardships?  Then we divorce because we must not be in love. They cycle begins anew and endless.

Since you are a person who seems to think she is seldom happy, I thought you'd have the answer to the question. I think happiness falls under the same kind of assumption. 


Laughter in brackets? Isn't that sort of like a sigh? 

Kinda but I'm not sure where you got the idea that I have the answer to anything. But maybe happiness does fall under the same assumption. Life gets hard, we struggle, we fight, we fail, ergo, we are not happy.

Despite all the successes?

Because of all the successes.


We have this sense of entitlement. We're good and we have a right to be happy. All the time. Life should not throw us curves or wrenches. The machinery should always run smoothly. Because we are successful at one thing, we should be successful at everything. Failure is not an option.

And yet you fail.

There ya go. We fail. A lot. Unhappiness ensues.

So, happiness IS overrated. It is a goal rather than a destination and it can't be attained. 

Uh ... I think some folks are happy.

Really? Why? 

And isn't a goal a destination?

No, it isn't. Why are some folks happy and others not?

I haven't found their secret, but I have my people working on it.

Save that for the novels. You still haven't given me a clear answer. Is happiness overrated?


Well, I've stumped you. That's nice to know. A destination is the culmination of a journey. A goal is a point you attain on that journey. There may be several goals but only one destination. Goals are not meant to be stopping points.

So, happiness is the destination?

I do wish you could write broad smiles in brackets. 

Happiness is the end result of a journey.

It should be.

Should be? I think I got lost on that trip.

Are head shakes possible in print?

I don't think we can cover this topic in one post.

I agree. You're a bit slow. However, are you nearer an answer?

I think so. Has something to do with expectations. If I focus on the stops, I won't reach my destination. If I focus on my destination, the stops won't matter.

{sigh} Something like that. 

I still don't know if it's overrated ... but maybe not?

{sigh} Maybe not.

My hands still hurt. I'm still not happy.

Get back on the train.


  1. LOL, thank you. I sort of do, too. They don't always come out the way I expect. ~0~

  2. That's because you are in a conversation - not directing it. These help me.


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