Thursday, January 14, 2016

Answers to Forgotten Prayers

I started a new job today. I haven't worked in over a year and I was very reluctant to take this job. I really need the extra cash and it is only part time, so there's no earthly reason I shouldn't, except for the fact that I've been so under the weather for months.

Still, the CPAP seems to be helping a lot. I've had some much better days since I began treatment the day before Thanksgiving.

 There is an interesting story about this job. Last year I started looking for a part time job. I really didn't think I was up to full time physically. My RA has been at full blast for over a year now and I've had this horrible onset of severe fatigue. It just suddenly snowballed in the last six or so months.

So I started looking and I prayed about it. My prayer was something along these lines. I know I'm limited in what I can do. I can't do any heavy lifting and moving things. I don't want to work more than 15-20 hrs a week. And I need at least $9 an hour.

I looked for a couple of months and there just weren't that many jobs that fit my criteria. I applied for those I found but none them for panned out. Only one person contacted me, interviewed me and then I never heard a thing.

I gave up and prayed again. It went something like this. I've done all I can do. You know what I need. If you don't think I need a job, you'll have to take care of the bills. I left it at that and as you know, since November, things have been rough. I left it at that. The bills are paid but money is tight.

Then last week I got a phone call. It was a woman who said she was calling about the job I applied for in November, the 23rd according to my email. She had hired someone but she was going to need another person and had already reposted the job. Then she said, "But I just felt I should go back through the previous applications and see if any of the people who applied before might still be interested."

I said I was and arranged the interview for couple of days later. She hired me on the spot.

So, today I started the job with the hours I asked for, at more than the rate of pay I asked for, and the least strenuous job than even I expected.

As she told me the story, I knew in my mind why she felt she had to go back through those applications.